Office Address:

54 Spencer Road, Nerang QLD 4211


Postal Address:

PO Box 3476, Nerang BC QLD 4211


Office Phone: 07 5596 5777

Office Fax: 07 5596 5899



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The Office Team

Greg Lambe – Director and Service Controller

Linda Lambe – Director and Office Manager

Wayne Holyoak – Customer Service Manager (0419 538 418)

Ian Miller – Sales Representative (0438 729 131)

Randall De Bock – Hire and Transport Logistics

Leanne McMahon – Accounts Receivables

Tracy Besson – Accounts Receivables and Administration

Jackie Drew – Accounts Payable

Susan Oliver – PPSR, Registration and Administration


Our Service Team
Wayne, Andrew, Shoji, Damien, Shannon, Matt, Nick, Miki and Trevor.




Truck Drivers
Lincoln and Josh

Privacy Act

Freedom Forklifts agrees to comply with the National Privacy Principles in respect of all personal information collected will be held within and not given out.